The Food Dialogues: Nourishing Perspectives

July 04, 2023 - July 26, 2023

16 Lerotholi Avenue, Langa, Cape Town, South Africa

"The Food Dialogues: Nourishing Perspectives," an immersive exhibition at 16 on Lerotholi. Within these walls, we invite you to embark on a captivating exploration, where the compelling world of visual art intertwines with our profound relationship with food.


In the backdrop of our current polycrisis, this exhibition delves into the pressing questions that shape our food systems amidst uncertainty and adversity. As we emerge from a global pandemic and face the challenges of load shedding, a pending water crisis, climate change, and potential natural system shocks, we seek to strengthen our collective resilience. The lens of decolonization illuminates alternative approaches, encouraging us to reimagine the future of our food economy.


"The Food Dialogues: Nourishing Perspectives" aims to bring our relationship with food to the forefront of contemplation. Through the power of visual art, we engage in a thought-provoking dialogue, igniting conversations and drawing connections between the artistry and sustenance that sustains us all.


Within this exhibition, you will encounter an exceptional group of artists whose works evoke a profound sense of connection with food. Lady Skollie, Ignatius Mokone, Setlamorago Mashilo, the late Velaphi Mzimba, Mongezi Gum, Breeze Yoko, the late Daniel 'Kgomo' Morolong, the late Speelman Mahlangu, Benjamin Furawo, and Phillemon Hlungwani have each contributed their unique artistic voices to this dialogue. Their creations offer a space for introspection, triggering a range of emotions and prompting us to question our own nourishment narratives.


As you explore the diverse artworks, you will witness the evocative expressions of these artists. Their visions capture the essence of human appetite, desire, and societal norms, encouraging us to examine our own relationship with food. These artistic voices resonate with wisdom and seek to awaken new possibilities in the face of ongoing volatility and risk.


"The Food Dialogues: Nourishing Perspectives" transcends mediums and genres, celebrating the intertwining narratives of art and sustenance. It calls upon us to consider the intricate webs of heritage, identity, and tradition that shape our culinary experiences. Through this exploration, we are challenged to envision a future that embraces resilience and inclusivity.


Join us on this immersive journey, where contemplation and imagination converge. By engaging with the visual narratives within this exhibition, we open ourselves to the transformative power of art, which has the potential to shape our food systems for the better.


"The Food Dialogues: Nourishing Perspectives" invites us all to pause and reflect on our personal connections with food. How does it nourish our bodies, minds, and souls? How can decolonization illuminate pathways toward more equitable and sustainable food practices? As we engage in this collective dialogue, we recognize that art has the capacity to inspire change, fostering resilience and envisioning a future where our food systems thrive amidst adversity.


Step into this world of contemplation, where the fusion of art and food invites us to delve deeper into our own nourishment narratives. Let us explore the transformative potential of artistic expression and envision a future where our relationship with food is celebrated, cherished, and sustained.


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