Restone Maambo

Restone Maambo, born in Zambia, skillfully weaves his ancestral heritage and personal experiences with the profound calling of 'Kusololwa Amumuni'—the ancestral beckoning to embrace the path of a spiritual healer—through his artistic journey. Raised by a remarkable mother, Maambo's deep respect and admiration for femininity and womanhood find strong resonance within his artistic expressions. His works often depict women in a state of spiritual and meditative contemplation, inviting viewers to be part of these intimate and personal moments.


Using a captivating combination of acrylic impasto paint, varnish layering, collage, and mixed media, Maambo brings his art to life on large canvases. The incorporation of collage plays a vital role in the artist's creative process, symbolizing his infinite awareness of the environments and immediate surroundings that have shaped him, both in Zambia and South Africa.


Maambo's use of lucid acrylic paint and meticulous varnish layering elevates the significance of his subject matter. By presenting his creations on a life-sized scale, he establishes an immersive relationship between the viewer and the individuals portrayed. Moreover, Maambo's artistic practice seamlessly merges traditional painting techniques with innovative materials like plaster and cement, resulting in playful and experimental mark-making that dances upon the surface of his artworks.


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