Published 14 April 2023 in News

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16 on Lerotholi is a new gallery in Cape Town’s Langa aimed at showcasing and creating a platform for local talent to thrive.

The concept behind the space is to create an inclusive gallery that exhibits art that reflects the reality and spirit of South Africa and the people who make it what it is. Founded by childhood friends Milo Ngcukana and Thulani Fesi, the duo wanted to bring a world-class gallery experience into the community where the majority of art exhibited is being created.

Upliftment and social development were also top of mind. The team aimed to build a creative social hub where artists and admirers can mingle, share ideas, and create and display work for locals and international travellers wanting to learn about the talent the country has to offer.

With art as a strong vessel for change, the team sees this as an opportunity to use art as a catalyst for education and cultural shifts, as well as putting South African art on the global map, fighting the effects that colonialism has had on the art world internationally.

“While our platform puts a focus on works by artists and cultural practitioners who are from Langa, we also showcase talent from other parts of the country and across the continent,” says Mpilo Ngcukana. “One of the lasting effects of colonisation on the African psyche is the indoctrination of division and competitiveness between cultural groups. Exposing people to a diversity of artistic expressions broadens our understanding of each other and allows us to celebrate commonalities and shared values.”

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