Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2024

February 15, 2024 - February 18, 2024

Cape Town International Convention Centre

16 on Lerotholi made its debut at the prestigious Investec Cape Town Art Fair, showcasing the dynamic and diverse talents of artists Mongezi Gum, Breeze Yoko, and Ignatius Mokone. This event marked a significant milestone for the gallery, as it presented a vibrant collection of contemporary African art to a global audience. The fair provided a platform for these artists to display their unique perspectives and creative expressions, highlighting the richness of African culture and the innovative spirit of its artists. Mongezi Gum's intricate works, Breeze Yoko's captivating pieces, and Ignatius Mokone's thought-provoking creations garnered significant attention, establishing 16 on Lerotholi as a prominent player in the art world. The fair was an inspiring experience, underscoring the gallery's commitment to promoting and celebrating African art.

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