Amabali Angaxelwanga : Untold Stories

June 19, 2024 - July 20, 2024

16 Lerotholi Ave

"Amabali Angaxelwanga: Untold Stories," opens a dialogic space where art meets the rich, complex histories of Black experiences. This exhibition aims to delve into the psychological underpinnings that shape our identities, driven by the potent forces of historical events and personal narratives. Each artwork serves as a portal into the depths of collective memory, revealing the scars and triumphs embedded within the African psyche.

The psychology of a people evolves from their historical and experiential background. This truth underscores the importance of understanding the intricate stories that have moulded the consciousness of Black communities. " Amabali Angaxelwanga" explores how these narratives, from early childhood to collective centuries-old experiences, continue to influence contemporary life and aspirations. It is not merely about remembrance, but an active engagement with history as an instrument of power and a beacon guiding our present and future actions.

Our exhibition is a response to the misrepresentations and omissions that have historically plagued African narratives. By revisiting and reclaiming these stories, we challenge the distortions that have shaped perceptions of Black identity. The pieces curated here—ranging from poignant photographs to evocative paintings—speak to a reawakening of what has been suppressed or altered. They demand a reconsideration of the role history plays in shaping personal and collective destinies.

" Amabali Angaxelwanga " also critically addresses the implications of forgetting such histories. To forget is to risk returning to a state of immaturity, unprepared to face current realities or shape our futures effectively. Thus, this exhibition is not just a showcase of artistic endeavours but a call to action. It invites viewers to confront the past's ongoing impact, to decode the myths woven into our consciousness, and to embrace a self-defined narrative that honours the truth of our experiences.

As we walk through this exhibition, let us remember that history is alive within us—all that has happened to our ancestors pulses through our veins, informing our interactions and our desires. It is through understanding and owning this history that we can truly understand ourselves and envision a future where we are the narrators of our own stories, unfiltered and unabridged.

Join us in exploring these "Untold Stories," where each piece is a testament to resilience, a critique of the past, and a hopeful gaze towards a future where history is acknowledged as a cornerstone of identity and empowerment. Through this artistic journey, may we find the strength to reclaim our histories and, in doing so, redefine our present and future.


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