Sonia Djedatin

Sonia Akouavi Setonou Djedatin's life is a vibrant array of encounters, both joyous and sorrowful, creating a rich narrative of human experience. Born in Abomey in 1994, Sonia's early years were marked by hardship, living on the streets until a fateful meeting in 2009 with a group of artists, including the late Joel Dossou. This pivotal moment sparked her journey into the arts, beginning with photography and eventually leading her to painting.

Sonia's work is deeply inspired by lived moments and personal experiences. Her journey in the arts is self-taught, driven by passion and a relentless creative spirit. Her paintings, characterized by bold and fresh colours such as pink, royal blue, raw green, and sparkling red, reveal characters with large, expressive eyes, pop-art creatures, and nostalgic depictions of houses. These elements create a whimsical, childlike world that simultaneously reflects a deep sense of nostalgia and an imagined or lost environment.

Her works are a vivid externalization of her dreams, filled with symbols and spontaneous composi- tions. Sonia's art is a heartfelt expression of her experiences and encounters, interwoven with traditional African cultures where women hold a central place. This deep connection to her ancestral spiritual culture and the condition of African women is a recurring theme in her art.

Sonia's paintings are a dynamic blend of bright, bold colours and intricate compositions, emerging from her dreams where joy and sadness coexist. Her works often feature characters evolving within a symbolic and spiritual landscape, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Africa. The use of colour in her work is spontaneous and instinctive, creating a pictorial space that feels both deeply personal and universally resonant.

Sonia Akouavi Setonou Djedatin's art is a powerful testament to her resilience, creativity, and deep connection to African cultural heritage. Her paintings are more than just visual expressions; they are stories of her life, dreams, and the indomitable spirit of African women. As a collector, acquiring Sonia's work means embracing a piece of art that is rich with history, emotion, and cultural signifi- cance. Each painting is a vibrant narrative, a dream brought to life with colors and symbols that speak to the soul.


1994 -
Nationality: Beninois
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