Ras Silas Motse

Ras Silas Motse is a mixed media artist who works with the concept of capturing feelings to narrate contemporary concepts using different African narratives as his inspiration. He is based at his home studio in Chiawelo, Soweto, South AFrica. His calling was born and bred in Thaba Nchu, a small isolated town called Motlatla. When Ras Sila  left high school, he went to study Fine Arts and a PGCE at the Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein. He spent a couple of years grooming and moulding young minds and future artists as a high school teacher before taking the leap to pursue his true calling full time.

Ras Sila lost his parents at a very young age, way before he could even think of making art a career choice or even see success. The passing of his parents at such a young age and the detachment from his father’s family he believes has left him with unanswered questions, and dealing with the concept of abandonment that possibly his parents or paternal family might have had answered to. In art, which is what he believes is his “Calling”, he has found the perfect medium and tool to help him navigate  and understand his purpose. 
Ras Sila’s work is spiritual and he  believes and loves the fact that his work is divinely guided by Badimo (Ancestors) through his dreams.
He is currently working with a theme he calls “Memoya: Lost Souls”  Through Memoya he is able to  investigate his lineage and his culture as Motswana. This  journey has led him to where his clan stems from to learning more about the vastness of the greater Barolong and Bafokeng Clan who originate from the Free State.
Ras Sila Motse is currently the artist in residency at 16 on Lerotholi Gallery, Langa Cape Town

Nationality: South Africa
Residence: 16 on Lerotholi